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Motorcyle Accident Attorney Madison Wi

Madison, WI Auto Accident Lawyer


If you or a loved one has sustained a personal injury while riding a motorcycle contact Murphy and Pressentin in Madison, WI. The amount of motorcycle accidents in the United States continues to remain significant but there are often misconceptions for the reasons. Actually, the majority of motorcycle accidents occur because of the negligence of automobile or truck drivers, or unsafe roads.

Misconceptions About Motorcyclists and Personal Injury

Unfortunately, society’s ideas about motorcycle riders is so grounded that many juries, judges and insurance companies, have mistaken beliefs about the victim instead of the driver who really caused the motorcycle accident. Sometimes the cyclist’s own insurance company denies any payment, even when the liability is obvious. To avoid any delay for reimbursement for your damages please call Murphy and Pressentin in Madison, WI for a free, no-obligation consultation. Don’t allow the insurance company to take away your compensation.

We Are Here to Help You

Our attorneys have years of experience with motorcycle accidents throughout the state. We concentrate and put our efficient and knowledgeable effort into representing our clients. We will handle all aspects of insurance problems, medical costs, and other parties involved, including law enforcement.

We work so that our clients can pay for their medical bills, pain and suffering, motorcycle replacement or repair, loss of work and other related expenses. We represent clients throughout the State of Wisconsin, including Madison, Eau Claire and Kenosha.

Call Us

Since motorcycle accident personal injury lawsuits are difficult and complicated, you need expert legal representation specializing in motorcycle cases. Do not retain just any legal help during this crucial time in your life. Our Wisconsin motorcycle accident injury attorneys have successfully helped motorcycle accident victims for years, getting the financial compensation that they deserve. You may be entitled to monetary damages for accident related costs as well as medical expenses. Call the Madison, WI motorcycle accident attorneys at 866-281-9559 immediately at Murphy and Pressentin for a free consultation.


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“After the insurer offered us $150,000, they discovered an undisclosed
$1,000,000 umbrella policy and forced the insurer to admit it applied
to our accident, resulting in a near policy limits settlement.”

David Farwell, Deerfield August 23, 2016

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