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Dog Bite Attorney Madison, WI

Madison, Wisconsin Canine Attack Lawyer

Dog Bite Claims


As more aggressive and potentially dangerous dog breeds such as rottweilers and pit bulldogs are becoming increasingly popular in Wisconsin, harmful dog attacks are increasing also. Our dog bite attack lawyers in Madison, WI have represented clients bitten by many different breeds and mixed breeds of dogs.

Unfortunately, the most common dog bite attack takes place when a young child bends down to pet a dog and gets bit in the face, often causing torn lips and permanent scarring. Pit bulldog attacks seem to cause the most harmful injuries due to the dog’s power and intensity as they wound their victims. Frequently a pit bulldog that is beaten in return will attack again and inflict more injury, in some cases killing the victim. Dog bite attacks often require extensive medical treatment and surgery.

Emotional Scarring

Dog bites also inflict emotional agony that should be taken very seriously. We all have the notion that a dog is a man’s best friend, but when one of our best friends assaults us it often results in emotional trauma and a lifetime fear of dogs. Many people in Madison, WI have the misconception that they are not liable for the first bite, which quite simply is not the case. While legal responsibility for the second or third time that a dog bites someone is unavoidable, the first bite is still not exempt from liability.

Personality Characteristics

Each breed of dogs has a distinct personality. The easy going temperament of some types of dogs makes it very unlikely it will bite someone. Similarly the disposition of some of the more aggressive breeds such as pit bulls and rottweilers make them possible offenders in dog attacks. Yet particular dogs of any certain breed have their own unique personality.

Usually when a dog wounds its first victim it has usually displayed sufficient warning to its owner of its aggressive nature. A detailed study of the dog and the people it has been around before usually indicates signs of the dog’s aggressive tendencies and the owner can be held legally liable for the dog bite attack.

Qualified Attorneys

At Murphy and Pressentin we have successfully handled dog bite attack cases, and there is no alternative to skill and experience. If you want the expert help of a personal injury attorney in the Madison, Wisconsin area contact us today for an initial consultation at no charge. Call us now at866-281-9559!


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