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Two of the most common questions that people have for a personal injury lawyer/attorney are: “Does my injury qualify as a personal injury?” And “How much can I get with my personal injury claim?”

Although there is a lot to be decided with these questions, there are no guaranteed answers for any of them. There are several reasons for this. An important thing to consider is the time you have to file a legal claim. If you do not file within the statute of limitations of your state, you may lose the right to sue. People who have never looked for legal advice or representation from a lawyer/attorney often think that picking a lawyer/attorney is easy. But in fact, you need to be careful just like when you pick a doctor. You need to find an expert in personal injury cases. You also need a lawyer/attorney who you feel comfortable with. But the decision does not depend just on you. Just as you may decide that a lawyer/attorney is not good for your cause, there are several reasons why a lawyer/attorney might not take your case.

Here are some reasons why they may not take your case.

1 – Who is to blame?

One of the first questions by a personal injury lawyer/attorney is how the accident really happened. To hold someone responsible financially it is required that some legal duty has been broken and not just that the injuries are serious. Another point to think about is if there is a chance that you may have been partially to blame for the accident. A lawyer/attorney may refuse to take your case because the awarded money will be reduced or dropped, depending on the amount of your blame. In cases of personal injury, the severity of your injuries is the most important part of a lawsuit. If your injuries are small, a lawyer/attorney may not take your case because the money awarded will likely also be small.

2 – Did you look for multiple lawyers/attorneys?

We believe it is important that personal injury victims pick the right lawyer/attorney for their case. This includes making sure that the lawyer/attorney has knowledge in the area of personal injury. However, many cases are turned down because the likely client seems to be looking to select the lawyer/attorney based on the price the client is told that it is possible to gain from the case. It is difficult for a lawyer/attorney to tell a client a price for the case before knowing all the details, including the insurance coverage available to the defendant. Victims should be careful with lawyers/attorneys who already name a price after the first meeting.

3 – The estimated value for the case

The lawyers/attorneys who work with personal injury claims think about the time they will spend on the lawsuit and the amount expected to be won. They need to know if it is worth taking the case on, and that is true particularly for the more experienced lawyers/attorneys. Defense lawyers/attorneys are paid hourly for every minute they spend on the lawsuit. Another matter that needs to be taken into account is when the personal injury victim has serious injuries, large hospital bills for treatment, and the insurance available to cover the injury is lacking. That is, lawyers/attorneys specializing in personal injury claims should review cases fully before taking them to see if it really pays to continue with such a lawsuit.