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A Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License

A Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License

What it means to you to have your driver’s license suspended or even revoked if you’re convicted of either a DUI or OWI.

Each of those has to do with losing your driver’s license for a lengthy period of time. Your actions behind the wheel can end up in the suspension of your driver’s license but not all of those actions have to do with alleged driving while intoxicated. In some cases, you can have your license suspended for offenses that happen when you are not driving. When your license is suspended you cannot drive a vehicle for the length of time stated in your sentence.

Revoking a license can happen from an array of offenses, but the loss of the one’s license from being revoked can potentially be permanent. And anyone who has ever had their licenses revoked will need to apply for their driving privileges to be reinstated, but, depending on the severity of the offense or offenses, reinstatement of one’s driver’s license might not be possible. Driver’s who have many DUI or OWI convictions may have their licenses revoked indefinitely, which would make them unable to petitioning the court to reinstate their driver’s license.

Both suspension and revocation of one’s license deprive a driver of their right to drive a vehicle. Though some people are able to acquire an occupational license during the time of their revocation or suspension, others are unable to and they are forced to go living their lives without adequate transportation.

If you are facing suspension or revocation of your driver’s license you will want to discuss your options with an experienced drunk driving defense attorney here at Brehm Law Office to see how we can help you. Call us today for a free consultation, and hopefully help you retain your driving privileges.

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