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Slip and Fall Injury Advice

Practical Suggestion

Get evidence while it’s fresh. These days, almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera. If your injury is not too severe, or if a friend is injured, get pictures of the slippery material that caused the fall. Get contact information from any present witnesses. Immediately get as much evidence as possible, as the defendant will mostly likely cover up evidence and clean up to prevent additional injuries.

Also note the condition of the slippery substance. Does it appear to have been there for some time? Is it slick, congealed or partially dried? Was it caused by a spill or something leaking from equipment? Check to see if there are surveillance cameras on the property.
Get medical attention for the injured party. This is not the time to be passive or resigned. If you’ve just fallen, cracked or broken a bone, you don’t want to be questioned later about whether it was from the slip and fall or from another accident. You obviously do not want the injury to worsen or to live in pain either.

The Law

The premise liability law often applies in slip and fall cases, and it is pretty basic. Owners of public property are required to inspect for known dangers and to keep the premises and keep hazards away from the public

Most slip and fall cases are determined by how long the slippery substance was on the floor. Did a malicious person pour oil on the floor right before you stepped in it? Or was the oil there for hours before you cracked your coccyx bone? A store is less likely to be liable for a spiteful act by another party than it is for being too careless or unorganized to maintain safe floors.

In summary, the law requires to determine reasonableness. Would a reasonable property owner have detected the safety risk in enough time to prevent injury? Answering that question is a good indicator of the validity of your case. Call Murphy and Pressentin at 866-281-9559 if you believe you suffered a slip and fall accident from negligence.

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