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Rollover Crashes Responsible For Hundreds of Trucker Deaths Each Year

Hundreds of truck drivers die every year in rollover accidents in the United States as result of several factors. The most widespread causes are crowded roads and ramps which are outdated, improperly lit or labelled, and due to exhausted truck drivers who are overtaxed or unfocused. The interstate highway structure is in serious need of refurbishment, with crumbly roadways, antiquated designs from the 1950s, and the much more extensive burdens of larger freight.

Rollover accidents caused more than 50% of the deaths of truckers and their occupants in 2012, even though rollovers amounted to only 3% of all truck crashes that year. 300 truck drivers or their passengers die and 3,000 sustain injuries each year in rollover crashes. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that over two million laborers in the U.S. drive semis weighing in excess of 10,000 pounds and rollovers are the primary cause of all on the job fatalities.

A study by the University of Michigan concluded that having a rollover multiplies a truck operator’s risk of becoming deceased in an accident by 30 times. Not using a seat belt compounds the problem, since over one-third of truck driver fatalities in 2012 occurred while they were not wearing their seatbelts.
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