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Personal Injury At Parks And Pools

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Did you get injured in a public/private park or at a public/private pool?


Don’t get me wrong, public and private parks and pools are wonderful places to be during the summer. However, they are still maintained by their owners or local government and personal injuries can occur and often do. There are various ways to trip and fall, if equipment is not properly checked. This is all to familiar to us and we have seen injuries happen like this before.

How do you get the compensation you need to help when personal injuries similar to this happen?

Here’s a general overview:

There are public parks and pools and there are private. When you are injured on private land the owner could be liable for based on a argument of premises liability. The landowners that have parks on there property have to take responsibility for anything that may cause harm or out people in dangerous situations that they wouldn’t normally put themselves in.

Have you been personally injured on private land? Based on the person that goes to the park, owners have varying degrees of responsibility to the people. Depending on the circumstances, the following has to be considered:

  • Trespassers – In this case the landowner may only be liable for what has not been reported as on the premises.
  • Invitees – Paid park and recreation areas. The is greater duty on the landowners part to assure the safety of the patrons.
  • Licensees – This is similar to invitees. In this case you are a social guest and the culpability factor is within reason unless it applies to unreported liabilities.

With all of these conditions, compensation can be acheived. However, with public parks more stratagem has to be considered. So what if a park or pool is publicly owned? When you are injured in a public park or pool, the local Government or City will have to be sued.

Murphy & Pressentin Personal Injury Lawyers say there are three things to consider for that situation:

    • Lawsuit Immunity – State and City Government titles generally receive immunity from lawsuits and all claims have to comply with the Federal Tort Claims Act they all have similar rules.
    • Notice of claim – To bypass the government’s immunity, claims have to be provided before suit. This could be withins months of the perosnal injury and there are deadlines to consider.
    • Approval – In some states you have to be approved before you proceed with a lawsuit. Often, the local government will drag the proceedings on for years.

All of the forms and instructions for these types of Personal Injury Claims can be found at the office of the city clerk. However, contact Murphy & Pressentin’s personal injury lawyers to help you will your claim and get the coompensation you deserve. We can be reached at 866-281-9559


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“After the insurer offered us $150,000, they discovered an undisclosed
$1,000,000 umbrella policy and forced the insurer to admit it applied
to our accident, resulting in a near policy limits settlement.”

David Farwell, Deerfield August 23, 2016

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