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With the entire country experiencing great weather this time of year, traffic is one thing that definitely sticks out while on the road. Included in all of the traffic are bicycles and motorcycles. Cyclists are not only harder to see, but easier to injure as well. Motorcycle safety tips are something that every rider should fresh up on every couple months. If you are behind the wheel of a car, make sure to look more than once for someone on two wheels. Also be certain to give them more than enough room when traveling behind.

For a motorcyclist, having the appropriate training is step one. Also having proper gear and the right motorcycle is key. Even if you do all of these things correct, there are certain instances that can still happen. A motorcycle accident is 30 percent more likely to happen compared to a car accident. Navigating turns and sharp curves while on a motorcycle are also more difficult. This is often times how solo crashes happen while traveling at a high rate of speed. Motorcycle lane splitting is also something that is seen while on the road. Lane splitting is when two motorcycles ride side by side, in the same lane of traffic. California is the only state in the United States where lane splitting is legal. Out of the other 49 states, it is either illegal or not mentioned and not specifically prohibited. Lane filtering and lane splitting also go along with lane sharing. Advanced motorcyclists should be the only ones using these techniques because of the severity. All cyclists should proceed with caution, as it is potentially more dangerous and harder to see when you are behind the wheel of a car.

While on the road this summer, make sure to look twice for cyclist and stay safe out there. An article written by SafeWise explains motorcycle safety tips in depth.

Do I Need A Lawyer
Do I Need A Lawyer

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