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Motorcycle Awareness

Cyclists anticipate the arrival of spring so they can get back on their bikes in warmer weather. This is an occasion for riders and drivers to keep mind that they will need to share roads, obey laws, and remain alert of all safety practices. Drivers get accustomed to using roads without motorcycles during the winter, which makes them less attentive in spring and summer. As a reminder, we have a duty to be mindful of each other to avoid potential motorcycle accidents and injuries or deaths.

More Significant Risk

Commonly, a driver miscalculates the distance from the cyclist and their riding speed which makes it more difficult to avoid crashing in light of an error. Visibility issues also make riders more vulnerable to crashes. Sadly, 80% of motorcycle collisions involve injury or death, in contrast to 20% of automobile accidents. Motorcycle injuries are apt to be more life-threatening and permanent. Statistically, there are 39 times more motorcycle accident fatalities than with automobile passengers.

A large proportion of motorcycle accidents occur during lane changes and at intersections. We need to be guarded as well as alert; do not make assumptions. Drivers must always check blind spots and riders need to keep in the mind the motorist may not see them. Both need to keep a manageable speed and be in tune of their surroundings. And obviously, never drive while consuming alcohol.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys at Murphy and Pressentin commit ourselves to protecting victims’ rights. We are well-informed of laws set in place to keep riders safe. If you or a loved has been in a serious motorcycle collision, call our legal team today at 866-281-9559. We are knowledgeable handling the recovery and compensation process.

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