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Boating is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and activities like fishing, water sports, leisure and travel. Like operating any vehicle, boating requires attentive, responsible drivers who follow the laws of the waterways and pay attention to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and sometimes crashes do occur, resulting in damage to property, injuries and sometimes the loss of life.

In fact, boating accidents affect thousands of people every year in the U.S. with the majority of boating accidents caused by carelessness, operator inattention, excessive speed and operator inexperience. IN 2005, accidents like these amounted to almost $39 million in property damages and around 3,500 injuries.

Choose Murphy & Pressentin’s boating accident attorneys Illinois to help lighten the load and give yourself peace of mind.

Recreational boat crashes are governed by a number of city, county and/or state laws. If these laws are not followed, there may be criminal charges, and the people who were injured may be entitled to sue for damages. Boat owners also need to be careful about allowing other people to drive their boat. No matter who is driving, if a boat accident occurs, the boat owner may be liable for the damages.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been involved in a boating accident that caused an injury or death, we understand your need to focus on recovery or mourning your loss.

Let the experienced professional boating accident attorney Illinois Murphy & Pressentin represent focus on your case during your recovery. We understand the regulations, laws and unique characteristics of boating accidents and know how to get the proper documentation that is critical to the success of your case.

Contact Murphy & Pressentin to discuss your case and to schedule an initial consultation.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts if you or a loved one has been involved in a boating accident:


  • Document, document, document. Collect the names and addresses of the drivers, passengers and registered owners. Collect. Take pictures of your injuries, the boat, the accident scene and other vehicles. Or better yet, hire a lawyer and have them take the pictures for you.
  • Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. It is absolutely critical that documentation is done the right way so that if or when you walk into a courtroom you have the best possible information. By letting the professional personal injury lawyers at Murphy & Pressentin get this documentation for you as soon as possible after your accident, you will be more likely to get a settlement later. We will focus on your case so that you are able to focus on recovery or grieving over the loss of your loved one(s).
  • Note the names of the police officers or highway patrol officers that responded to the boating accident. It is important for your personal injury lawyer to be able to contact these people as soon as possible after your accident.
  • See your doctor. Often times, a personal injury from a boat crash can be underestimated.you. may feel fine now, but some injuries, particularly neck and back injuries, can become quite painful and debilitating in the long term.


  • Don’t be in a hurry to talk to the other side’s insurance company. There’s no reason for you to be in a rush to tell your story. You should speak with an experienced boat accident lawyer before speaking with any insurance company.
  • Don’t talk to anybody about your case except your doctor, your insurance company, your lawyer, and law enforcement officials. These people must be informed about the circumstances of your crash and have your best interest in mind.
  • Dont wait to speak with a personal injury lawyer and a doctor. Find an experienced boating accident lawyer as soon as possible after your boating accident. Also, visit your doctor as soon as possible to assess any injuries you may have suffered.
  • Don’t sign any release forms. We can’t emphasize this enough. If you do not fully understand what the papers are about, do not put your name on them. Once you settle your case, you won’t be able to get anything else.


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“After the insurer offered us $150,000, they discovered an undisclosed
$1,000,000 umbrella policy and forced the insurer to admit it applied
to our accident, resulting in a near policy limits settlement.”

David Farwell, Deerfield August 23, 2016

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