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Distracted driving has always been a cause for concern in the United States. According to Teen Safe, 80% of car crashes are attributed to a driver being distracted or not paying attention. Driving is hard enough when you are paying complete attention to your surroundings. Being distracted by a cell phone makes it virtually impossible to make sure you and the cars around you are out of harm’s way.

Since the invention of smart phones in the early 2000s, texting and driving has gotten worse, and the statistics back it up. The statistics are mind boggling when you really dive deep. Texting while driving is a contributing cause in 25% of all car accidents. These accidents result in nearly half a million physical injuries. In the short time that it takes to read a text message or simply look down at your phone, if you are on the highway, you drive the length of a football field without your eyes on the road.

Parents and adults set the example. If children or young teenagers see you on your phone while in the backseat, they are more than likely going to do the same when they turn 16. Not only is it incredibly unsafe, you should also want to set a good example for the next generation.

Many phone companies, including Apple, have implemented “Do Not Disturb.” This can be found in the settings of your iPhone. Simply switch the tab to green, meaning on, and you can customize the settings to how you please. For example, you can choose to receive calls from your favorite or specific contacts while driving. In case of an emergency, you can also choose to receive a phone call from the same person if they have called twice within three minutes. 

Not only is texting while driving unsafe, it is against the law in a majority of the states in the country. All but three states have a text-messaging ban and some can be different based on your age. No states completely ban cell phone use currently, but 38 states ban a cell phone for teen or school bus drivers. Make sure to check out the specific state-to-state laws in the chart located on National Conference of Sate Legislatures website.

According to the DMV, at least 9 people everyday are killed because of a distracted driver. Avoiding checking your cell phone while driving is one enormous step to make sure that you and the people around you get from point A to point B safely.