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Three Strikes In Wisconsin

“Three Strike” Repeat Offender Law

Wisconsin, being one of 28 states that have laws which carry a heavier sentence for a repeat offender.

In Wisconsin, the repeat offender law implements a strike system. If a person is convicted of the same offense again, the would-be offender would face double penalties for the repeat offense. With a possible 25 years to a life sentence without parole.

These laws were created for the purpose of keeping the hardcore criminals behind bars for life, and intending to discourage others like them from committing the same crimes.

 Serious Felonies

A wide range of violent or serious criminal offenses can result in a strike on an individual’s record. All of these crimes involve threatening or using a weapon, inflicting injury, or may be sexual in nature.

A Strike on Your Record

Having a strike on one’s record is extremely serious particularly if they are a repeat offender. There are cases where a defendant has been charged with two separate felonies all in the same trial, resulting in multiple strikes. 

When the stakes are high, it’s crucial to retain an advocate that will take swift, well-planned, hard-hitting, and aggressive action for your defense. 

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