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While tomorrow is officially the first day of summer, many of us have been in the swing of things for a better part of a month now. Boating and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, car accidents and summer also mix. When going on the lake this summer, make sure to do a simple check and go over the little things that are most important when traveling. Knowing the pulling capacity of your vehicle is critical. Too much weight on the back end can provide serious problems, no matter how much power your engine has. Boating safety chains as well as a ball mount must be attached for maximum safety. Boating safety chains are a federal law and are the last line of defense if something does go wrong. These same regulations apply when towing a jet ski. Although they do not weight as much as a boat, jet skis can provide similar difficulties to you and other cars. An article in the Fontana Herald News goes over these techniques as well as others that can keep you and other drivers safe this summer.

Boating safety chains