From the Semi-truck Accident Attorneys

A multiple vehicle, triple-fatality, head-on auto accident occurred around 8 am in Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin, when a north-bound, apparently drowsy driver crossed the center-line on Highway 26, south of Rosendale, and struck the driver’s side front fender of a south-bound semi-tractor-trailer. The drowsy driver left at 6:30 am and was an hour-and-a-half into his three hour trip up to the northern country.

All of the semi-truck’ steering controls were located at the driver’s side front fender and were tragically destroyed by the head-on impact. As a result of the destruction of his steering system, the semi driver lost all ability to control or steer the big truck. The semi’s front axle broke and the commercial truck veered hard to the right, into the northbound lane of Highway 26. Following behind the drowsy driver was a mini-van with several occupants. The 18 wheeler veered directly into the path of an oncoming mini-van. A second head-on crash occurred between the semi truck and the mini-van, with heartbreaking results.

The grievous result was that the drowsy driver and two occupants of the mini-van were killed on impact. There was little the semi-truck driver could have done to avoid the crashes. There are several lessons we may all learn from this tragedy.

First, we should all take drowsy driving extremely seriously. Spending hours behind the wheel on long trips can have a hypnotic effect, and if we’re tired may cause us to momentarily “nod off.” DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING SIGN! If you ever nod off while operating a motor vehicle, you need to be alarmed and you need to take prompt action for the safety of yourself and other motorists.

What should you do if you’re feeling drowsy? Take immediate action to make sure you are an alert and safe driver. This may require you to stop and sleep if you’ve been up many hours, or simply get off the road and get coffee or caffeine so you’re alert to complete your trip. Take whatever action is required to make yourself an alert and safe driver!

Second, drive defensively. If you see a vehicle weaving ahead of you, back off, give yourself the spacing and distance you may need to take evasive action should an emergency, such as a head-on crash, occur ahead of you. Get away from dangerous drivers.

Donald J Murphy, Murphy & Pressentin, Fond Du Lac County injury attorneys, advanced wrongful death claims on behalf of the family. The insurers paid out claims exceeding $1,200,000 for personal injuries and property damages.