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The lawyers at our personal injury firm in Scranton, PA concentrate on helping the injured party, representing individuals with personal injury and medical malpractice cases including legal malpractice, wrongful death actions and professional negligence liability. If you need a personal injury attorney, call Murphy & Pressentin to get the compensation you deserve.

Our Beliefs

We aim to represent every client we meet with dignity and respect. Our priority is to understand each person’s unique situation, their needs, assist them through the legal process, and obtain the best results we can.

Helping our clients receive the best possible settlement is our philosophy. We want to help clients obtain necessary medical care and prefer handling their claims thoroughly to ensure that all of their injuries have been taken care. We have many clients express their gratitude for not rushing their cases. Consequently, additional accident-related damages were addressed and taken care of, leading to more positive results. We are also well aware of state guidelines for meeting time requirements so you will be assured we keep current on the progress of your case.

Every client deserves to receive complete and timely updates. Our focus is to keep our client well informed of each step in their case. Each client deserves to be aware of strengths and weaknesses of their case and our strategy to proceed, so they can make knowledgeable and solid decisions. Our clients deserve to understand the reasons for our actions. We encourage clients at our firm to meet with us at any time. We appreciate seeing our clients or discussing their questions or concerns with them on the phone.

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