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Dog Bite and Animal Attacks


Dog bite attacks are taken into special consideration by the governing state legislatures. The courts follow strict accountability and liability for damages be withheld. Based on this strict liability the owner would be directly responsible for any attack on a unsuspecting victim unless the owner can prove that the victim provoked the animal into the attack. However, if there is any history of attacks in the past, punitive damages can double for a recovery.

The graphic nature of dog bite attacks is apparent in dog’s victims. Disfigurement and impairment can be extremely traumatic and the emotional outcome of these cases can last a very long time after the initial attack.

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Dog Bite Prevention

There are several steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a dog bite. These include:

  • Always Approach a dog lightly, and it is best to get on the level of the dog with an upturned an overturned hand is a sign of aggression to a dog or animal.
  • Don’t try to pet a dog in a confined space it may feel cornered, because it is protecting its owner’s property.
  • Dogs are possessive of there owner’s property. It you show aggression against the owner’s property
  • Never pet a dog that is playing with a toy. It may believe you are trying to take the toy away from them.