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hrough the years, thousands of families have relied on Murphy & Pressentin to help with their personal injury cases. If you or a person close to you has endured the pain and stress associated with a serious injury or wrongful death as a result of a motor vehicle accident, the experienced attorneys at Murphy & Pressentin are here to serve you.

After a serious personal injury occurs, your focus should be on recuperating, both emotionally and physically, from your losses. While you concentrate on bouncing back, our seasoned personal injury attorneys will investigate the accident, and the injuries, financial losses, and the scope of your insurance coverage. Our staff of professionals will collect and produce the vital documents necessary to prove your case, such as reconstructing the accident; photos of the personal injury and accident; police documentation and interviews with witnesses; wage reductions and financial analysis; life care plans, medical records; and reports from medical experts.

“With us, it’s not about business, it’s personal!”

Documenting your case properly is essential because it assists us in preparing your case with the possibility that it could go to trial. Reconstructing this documentation will offer us the ability to arrange the highest out-of-court settlement for you with the insurance company.

By hiring us soon after the accident, we will be allowed to have more control over your documentation, which often produces higher settlements in less time.

Our mission is to assist you in getting the financial compensation you’ve earned to fund any losses due to your accident, compensate for lost wages, and gain the financial piece of mind you and your family deserves from the accountable insurance carriers.

Our job is to focus on your case so you can focus on recovery or possibly the grieving period that comes from losing loved ones.

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