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Three Strikes In Wisconsin

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A Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License

A Suspended or Revoked Driver's License What it means to you to have your driver's license suspended or even revoked if you're convicted of either a DUI or OWI. Each of those has to do with losing your driver's license for a lengthy period of time. Your actions behind...

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First-Offender Program

First-Offender Program Those who haven’t been in too much trouble with the law, but are facing charges and your legal rights are at stake, the dedicated lawyers at Brehm Law Office may be able to help you avoid conviction. You need an attorney with the experience to...

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No Pain & Suffering in Workers’ Comp Cases

As a rule, when you are injured at work, your only option is to file a workers’ compensation case. The law prohibits claims against your employer for negligence which caused your damages. The upshot of this law is that you do not need to establish that your employer...

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Slip and Fall Injury Advice

Practical Suggestion Get evidence while it’s fresh. These days, almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera. If your injury is not too severe, or if a friend is injured, get pictures of the slippery material that caused the fall. Get contact information from any...

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What is the Most Dangerous Driving Season?

Winter driving can be particularly hazardous with snow falling, slippery ice and other cold weather dangers. As a firm providing experienced auto accident lawyer, and motorcycle accident lawyer, At Murphy and Pressentin, we wanted to do some research on traffic...

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Nursing Home Elderly Abuse Between Residents

Nursing Home residents in the United States are becoming more vulnerable to abuse at the hands of patients that also reside at the facility. A recent Cornell University study reports that 20 percent of capable nursing facility residents were involved in an altercation...

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Motorcycle Awareness

Cyclists anticipate the arrival of spring so they can get back on their bikes in warmer weather. This is an occasion for riders and drivers to keep mind that they will need to share roads, obey laws, and remain alert of all safety practices. Drivers get accustomed to...

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Regarding Identity Theft

Helpful Hints Regarding Identity Theft However, there are many misconceptions as to how best to protect against identity theft. While some identity thieves focus on obtaining your credit card and using it before you know it’s missing, others will focus on other pieces...

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